Sponsorship Support

Biondolillo is the creator of the Flagship Sponsorship model, which underpins several of the nation’s most successful national walkathon programs.

Depending on your needs, we are able to support your leadership team in the pursuit of corporate and media sponsorship either as trainers, consultants, agents, and/or sponsorship program managers. Since 1984, sponsorship programs designed and/or supported by us have earned our clients over $300 million.

Case Study...

Making Strides Against Breast Cancer

This program, created for the American Cancer Society, is one of the nation’s leading resource development initiatives in the fight against breast cancer.


Our lead staff

Rita Pastore

Rita Pastore Bio Image

Rita Pastore is the vice president of the Training Division of Biondolillo Associates, Inc. An expert in the field of walkathons and other peer-to-peer fundraisers, Rita manages the nation’s top team of special-event fundraising trainers, who, in addition to delivering Biondolillo’s 90-hour core and advanced curricula, provide 24/7 consulting support to the firm’s national client base.