Rita Pastore

Rita Pastore is the Vice President of our Training Division.  An expert in the field of walkathons and other peer-to-peer fundraisers, Rita manages the nation’s top team of special-event fundraising trainers, who, in addition to delivering Biondolillo’s 90-hour core and advanced curricula, provide 24/7 consulting support to the firm’s national client base.

Additionally, Rita heads up Biondolillo’s Talent Search Division, which focuses on hiring dedicated special-event project managers, and senior staff focused on managing local, regional and national special-event programs.  Since 1984, Biondolillo has assisted clients in hiring over 500 managers.

Rita lives in Missoula, Montana.  She is an active volunteer in local non-profits, including her current position as president of the board of directors of the Big Sky Film Institute. Rita is a graduate of Brandeis University.

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