Donor Outreach Readiness

Prepare your fundraising staff and leadership volunteers for success!

Gifts, Thoughts, Actions!

A powerful, back-to-basics “Donor Outreach Readiness” seminar.


The Challenge:

The pressure on nonprofit development staff is greater than ever. Yet, many of the very tools we use to connect with donors serve instead to limit our ability to connect. Too often we find ourselves sitting behind a screen selling in snippets, rather than showing up.


The Solution:

Gifts, Thoughts, Actions!: a dynamic “Donor Outreach Readiness” seminar designed to increase your team’s effectiveness and strengthen your organization’s donor base.

In just three hours onsite in your workplace (or other convenient venue), our facilitator will share two or three pieces of performance poetry, which, in a powerful and entertaining way, set the stage for thoughtful exchange and the development of a “deep-donor-centric” culture.

Learn to be present, ask meaningful questions, listen actively, learn deeply, understand your donor’s “multiplicity of gifts,” share generously, be inspired, ask, stay connected, and involve the whole team!

After the session, all participants are encouraged to complete a weekly 10-minute exercise for a period of three months designed to strengthen your organization’s culture.


Watch the video and learn more about Gifts, Thoughts, Actions!




[The program] is a wonderful opportunity to think about what we bring to the workplace and each other, as well as what we give our donors.“—American Cancer Society Vice President

The use of poetry [in the program] enables us all to open up safely, share our very best thinking, and learn from each other.“—Alzheimer’s Association Development Director




One of the pieces of performance poetry used in the Gifts, Thoughts, Actions! seminar.

Our lead staff

Steven H. Biondolillo

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Steven H. Biondolillo is the founder and president of Biondolillo Associates. Recognized for coining the term “signature event,” Biondolillo is the nation’s leading developer of branded special-event fundraising programs.