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Gifts, Thoughts, Actions!

A powerful back-to-basics teambuilding seminar gives your high-performance team the edge!


The Situation:

The pressure on high-performance teams is as great as it has ever been.  Yet, due to two critical trendlines, the ability of teams to excel is often at risk.

  1. The first trendline is the burgeoning number of individuals in the nation’s workforce who are telecommuting.  People don’t see each other anymore.
  2. The second trendline revolves around communications technology and the widespread use of email and texting, both of which promote a shallow/shorthand way of connecting.

These two trendlines militate against the optimum development of high-performance teams, whose members need to communicate deeply, understand profoundly, and attach squarely to the team and its objectives.


The Solution:

Gifts, Thoughts, Actions!, a dynamic, back-to-basics seminar designed to get at the very essence of teambuilding.  Through meaningful dialogue, participants gain a deeper understanding of their team members, powerful inspiration to support their actions, and a greater commitment to the team and its success.

In just three hours onsite in your workplace (or other convenient venue), our facilitator will share three pieces of performance poetry, which, in a powerful and entertaining way, set the stage for your team to share deeply about their gifts, sacred spaces, inspirations, unsung colleagues, and most-pressing challenges.

After the session, participants are encouraged to complete a weekly 10-minute exercise for a period of three months, at the conclusion of which the team can reconvene to assess the program’s impact.

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No matter what industry you are in.  No matter what your goals are.  If you want to bring a unique, inspiring and impactful program into your workplace or group, call Steven Biondolillo.  You will be delighted you did.” —Davida R. Dinerman, Director, Schwartz Communications

Your message that ‘anything is possible’ is an important reminder, especially in an age when people too often follow the beaten path…” —James J. MacDonald, UBS Financial Services



One of the pieces of performance poetry used in the Gifts, Thoughts, Actions! seminar.

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