Audits and Third-Party Programs

In addition to creating new “signature events,” Biondolillo conducts special-event audits, whose  recommendations typically include properties to sunset, properties to strengthen, and critical areas of opportunity to pursue. We also organize burgeoning third-party programs, as well as stimulate fledgling ones.  Another of our constructive roles is to serve as “Event Doctor,” tasked with repairing one or more of your venerable but underperforming special-events.

Our objective is always the same: to create the best possible alignment  of your organization’s goals and objectives with your precious external and internal resources, all the while strengthening your leadership, increasing your visibility, and seeding your growth.  Ask us about our client base.

Case Study...

Santa’s Kitchen/currently Holiday Spoons Project

This program—created for Project Bread, a leading statewide anti-hunger organization in Massachusetts—has been recognized with a Super Bell, the highest honor in the marketing and public relations industry in New England.


Our lead staff

Steven H. Biondolillo

Steve Biondolillo bio image

Steven H. Biondolillo is the founder and president of Biondolillo Associates. Recognized for coining the term “signature event,” Biondolillo is the nation’s leading developer of branded special-event fundraising programs.