Industry Leader

Biondolillo is a national leader in the field of special-event fundraising: we sparked the national renaissance in walkathons and other peer-to-peer fundraisers by transforming what had previously been considered community-based fundraising vehicles into multi-million-dollar businesses; and, we coined the term “signature event” to describe an event whose brand recognition in the market is greater than or equal to the brand recognition of the sponsoring nonprofit organization, and to describe an event whose production values carry the “genetics” of the organization’s mission.


  • Biondolillo introduced in the nonprofit sector the concept that special events should serve as donor acquisition and cultivation vehicles, and not merely transactional fundraisers.
  • Biondolillo has led the nation in developing events whose large constituencies have enabled their nonprofit sponsors to accomplish multi-million-dollar government appropriations.
  • Biondolillo brokered the nation’s first million-dollar media sponsorships on behalf of local, individual special-event fundraisers.
  • Biondolillo launched the field of “Campaign-style Public Relations” to support single fundraising events with several hundred print placements.
  • One Biondolillo event is credited with having epidemiological impact—the first known instance in the U.S. of a special event being linked definitively to saving lives.
  • Since 1984, fundraisers developed by Biondolillo have raised more than $1.2 billion.


  • Biondolillo sparked the national renaissance in walkathons, leading the field from a $20 million-per-year trickle to a $2 billion-per-year industry.
  • Biondolillo introduced into the world of walkathons numerous approaches and techniques now considered industry standards, such as workplace-focused participant recruitment, comprehensive team-organizer systems, and corporate kickoff breakfasts.
  • Biondolillo invented the Flagship Sponsorship model—the nation’s first corporate sponsorship model based on employee participation.
  • Among Biondolillo’s landmark walkathons are national leaders in the areas of breast cancer, hunger, asthma, disabilities, arthritis, and wounded veterans.
  • Biondolillo has developed the nation’s most comprehensive training program to support walkathons and other peer-to-peer fundraisers.
  • Three national walkathon programs designed and/or developed by Biondolillo are included in USA Today‘s listing of the “Top 10 Charitable Fundraising Events in the United States.”
  • Since 1984, walkathons and other fundraisers developed by Biondolillo have raised more than $1.2 billion.

Signature Events

  • Biondolillo runs the nation’s only “signature event” think tank, and boasts an extensive library of “signature event” business plans.
  • Among Biondolillo’s landmark “signature events” are many national “firsts,” including the first film and video television production festival for children, holiday ornament fundraising campaign, “CEO-driven” academic mentoring program, and service corps focused on the cardiovascular health and wellness of the American public.
  • Since 1984, fundraisers developed by Biondolillo have raised more than $1.2 billion.