Words About Work!

This program—created for Fedcap, a government-funded nonprofit in New York City which helps gain employment for disabled and disenfranchised individuals—was selected for recognition by the New York/New Jersey Port Authority upon the post-9/11 reopening of the World Trade Center PATH train station.  Notably, it was the nation’s first workplace-based poetry contest promoting the meaning and value of work.

Background and Objectives

  • Create relationships with private sector corporations that might serve as placement sites for clients.
  • Raise visibility, as well as private sector funds, for this low-profile organization.
  • Create a sense of community around the organization’s core value: work.

Program Elements

  • Corporate Human Resources Directors, the campaign’s natural target, purchase and disseminate the contest to their workforces, and consider employing the nonprofit’s clients.
  • A “selected-for-cultivation” panel of judges assembled by the nonprofit evaluates entries.
  • Winning entries are chosen and advertised on bus and subway cars, transit kiosks and other billboards throughout the city.
  • An annual celebration and recognition event at a historic site reinforces and wraps up the campaign.


  • Relationships with hundreds of companies.
  • Millions of impressions create organizational visibility and name recognition.
  • Program is a teambuilding and recognition vehicle for internal constituencies.
  • $300,000+ in funds raised annually during the campaign’s 12-year lifespan.
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