Santa’s Kitchen/currently Holiday Spoons Project

This program—created for Project Bread, a leading statewide anti-hunger organization in Massachusetts—has been recognized with a Super Bell, the highest honor in the marketing and public relations industry in New England.  Notably, it is the nation’s first holiday ornament fundraising campaign.

Background and Objectives

  • Raise hunger awareness, especially among school children.
  • Raise funds for hungry children and their families during the holidays.

Program Elements

  • Hunger awareness curriculum unit and a “holiday spoon ornament” craft workshop made available to hundreds of elementary schools. Students learn about hunger—its economics, geography, and nutritional consequences—then decorate and contribute a “spoon ornament” as an expression of concern for hungry children and their families.
  • “Spoon ornaments” collected during a major downtown outdoor celebration event. Santa’s Kitchen aprons and other premiums for sale.
  • “Spoon ornaments” then sold throughout the state by a major retail chain at in-store kiosks staffed by employees and volunteers.
  • Funds raised from businesses contributing challenge grants to encourage school children and community groups to make “holiday spoon ornaments.”
  • Media sponsors appeal both for “spoon ornaments” and cash contributions to the campaign.


  • Over 100,000 “spoon ornaments” collected annually—a new public art form is born!
  • Status as unofficial holiday campaign among state’s elementary schools.
  • Over 500 print publicity “hits” and a half-million dollars of television and radio sponsorship benefits annually.
  • $700,000 in funds raised annually.
  • Note: for the past dozen years, the campaign’s principal corporate sponsor has been Jordan’s Furniture, which has matched all funds raised.
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Our lead staff

Steven H. Biondolillo

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Steven H. Biondolillo is the founder and president of Biondolillo Associates. Recognized for coining the term “signature event,” Biondolillo is the nation’s leading developer of branded special-event fundraising programs.